Within myself and beyond

In the beginning it was dark and warm. And I was everything around me and inside of me. And there was no time. And there were no borders. And it was so.
But something pushes me out. I hear a groan, and a scream after, a new groan, a new scream.
And I’ve seen the light. And I’ve felt burning touch. And I’ve heard a scream. It is mine.

I run and I fall. The wounds on my knees are not healing. And I saw that I ran for the clouds.

Here is my body, and yours is nearby. And let there be house for us. I’ll draw sunflowers, we’ll put them on the wall.

This color looks adorable on me, doesn’t it? Turn off the light, I have to get up early tomorrow.

Let’s go for a walk, admire the birds, drive by the boat. We had to buy glasses for you long time ago.

Suddenly it got dark and deafly. It seems that I see the light. It’s coming. I’m starting to forget everything that I knew, with whom I was, whom I was and what for.

I don’t feel like myself. Nothing from myself. And there are no borders. And I saw, and, behold, it was very good.